DBT and RO-DBT Group Skills Training

Adolescents & Adults

Handling Emotions



Tolerating Distress


Nashville DBT and RO-DBT Skills Training

Monday 10-11:30am: Adults

Monday 5-6:30PM: Adults

Wednesday 4-5:30PM: Adolescent Girls and Boys

  Wednesday 6-7:30PM: Adults

Thursday 4-5:30PM: Adolescent Girls and Boys

Thursday 6-7:30pm: RO-DBT (Ages 16+)

 Saturday 10-11:30AM: RO-DBT (Ages 16+)

Online DBT Skills Training

Friday 12-1PM: Adults 


DBT Skills Workbook ($30)

1. Referral form from your provider OR
2, Attend an intake session ($275 intake fee)

How to join a DBT Skills Group: