Jennifer Biddle, LPC/MHSP

Standard Individual Therapy: $190 (45 minutes)

*DBT Packages (6 months) range from
$9,500 - $22,000


Jen has a fantastic reputation as a counselor in Nashville. She is renowned for her experience treating children, adolescents, and adults with trauma and attachment issues, depression, anxiety (worry, panic, social), child and adolescent disruptive behaviors, sexual behavior problems, compulsive behaviors (self-injurious, pornography use, overeating, substance use, etc.), family of origin issues, and parenting issues. She currently leads three DBT groups and conducts DBT-to-fidelity in her individual sessions. She has worked as a private practitioner, in-home family counselor, and residential therapist. Jen has the magic touch when it comes to clients who have trouble opening up. She is always on your side and is notorious for going the extra mile. 

Jen received her Master's education at Middle Tennessee State University in 2008 and has lived in the middle Tennessee area for over 30 years. She enjoys yoga, reading, hiking, music, gardening, pretending to be a chef, learning new things and seeking new adventures.