DBT for Adolescents and families

PSYCHē is  the only outpatient practice in Tennessee permitted to be listed on the DBT founder's website and we are the only ones within 200 miles with a DBT-Linehan Board of Certification, Certified Clinician™

PSYCHē's DBT-Adolescent (DBT-A) program has developed a reputation for being effective in assisting adolescents and families with issues of emotion dysregulation and oppositional defiance disorder. In our program, the caregivers and adolescent receive their own provider to serve as their confidant and advocate. For caregivers, the program focuses on behavioral management and communication skills. For the adolescent, they will focus on emotion identification and development of adaptive coping skills. PSYCHē is known for treating both the adolescent and environment to ensure sustainable change in the entire system.   

what to expect in dbt-a

Individual therapy

Adolescents attend weekly individual therapy sessions for 24-weeks. Each week, the adolescent completes a diary card focused on problematic behaviors and emotions. In addition to re-shaping behaviors, adolescents will gain an understanding for emotions for better regulation.

Therapists and Clients collaborate on effective plans to increase skillful coping behaviors and effective communication skills. 

Group Skills Training

Weekly DBT-Skills Training Groups cover tactile skills to increase mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness. DBT Skills Training Groups are didactic in nature and do not involve processing emotion-focused content. Most clients anticipate not liking DBT group and are usually surprised by the effectiveness of the skills!

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phone coaching

Adolescents participating in the DBT program at PSYCHē receive intersession support through telephone, text, and email. Therapists assist clients with in-the-moment crisis management, task accountability, and case management. The main priority of intersession contact is to maintain active use of DBT Skills for effective coping. 

Caregivers are concerned about the overuse of coaching, which is normal. Don't worry, the Therapist will make them aware of personal limits. 

parent coaching & support

Parents will meet throughout the adolescent's treatment to gain education on behavioral management and support. Parent Coaches will establish an expectation plan to effectively reinforce skillful behaviors. 

Those participating in Parent Coaching also receive intersession support for in-the-moment assistance on contingency management. 

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