Rachel Zelkowitz, MHS, MS**

Doctoral Candidate, Intern

DBT Packages (6 months) range from
$6,000 - $18,500

Individual Therapy rate: $100

**Under the Supervision of Dr. Stephanie Vaughn
Not Eligible for Insurance Reimbursement

Rachel is a fifth-year doctoral candidate at Vanderbilt University. She earned her Masters Degree in Psychology in 2012 and previously earned a Public Health Degree. This allows her to bring a unique, systems-focused approach to her clinical work. Her clinical interests include self-harm behaviors, suicidality, anxiety, substance use, and body image/eating concerns. At PSYCHē, Rachel conducts individual therapy and parent coaching and leads DBT skills groups. Her doctoral research focuses on self-criticism and self-harm behaviors. Rachel strives to bring aspects of self-compassion, mindfulness, and a solid sense of humor to all of her work. 

In her spare time, Rachel enjoys dancing Argentine tango, practicing yoga, and hanging out with Oscar, a big black cat who is firmly convinced he's a dog.