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DBT and CBT in Nashville for Adults and Adolescents. Treating Depression, Anxiety, and Personality Disorders.


Psyche offers CBT and DBT Therapy for adolescents, adults, and families in Nashville, Tennessee. Psyche offers individual and group therapy. CBT therapy services include exposure therapy, trauma processing, and behavioral activation. Psyche offers DBT therapy in full for adolescents and adults. 

Psychologists and Counselors in Nashville

PSYCHē is a private therapy office for adolescents, adults, & families. 

See how we're different. 

We don't believe in therapy either.

Yes, of course we're therapists and therefore technically should "believe in therapy," but we don't think everyone has to be in therapy to have a fulfilling life, nor do we want anyone in therapy forever. Therapy is something to go into for help and then-- go on with your life! If you get something out of it, great. If you don't, it may be time to move on.  

We don't believe good therapists have to have had therapy either. If you think about it, some of the best "therapists" in your own life never spent a day in formal therapy. Bad things have happened since the dawn of time and somehow people made it without us therapists. Imagine that!

We have our #@$% together.

Our therapists not only look the part, we LIVE the part. Our offices (and homes) are tidy, we show up on time, we keep our promises, we cross our t's, dot our i's, and practice what we preach. We are also REAL people...not weird-o therapist types ;-)  Several of us had other (successful!) careers and accomplished (major!) personal goals...all without having to use "therapy voice" or "therapy face." We are parents, teachers, athletes, speakers, coaches, spouses, siblings, and friends.  

Most PSYCHē therapists came to the field because we were the rocks (aka "therapists") in our own families or friend groups. And although each of us has been through tough life circumstances beyond our control, we didn't let it define us. Instead, used it to bring more heart to our therapy. We believe that a therapist should be solid--and someone you might even want to emulate. After all, why would you take advice from someone who can't seem to manage their own life???

We do what works instead of what's supposed to work.

Just because some Ph.D.'s did a study on it (and it "should" work) doesn't mean it actually will work. We get it. You can start with a recipe, but when things aren't looking right, Master Chef's improvise instead of robotically going to the next step. We aren't so hung up on our usual way of doing things that we ignore the obvious. We compromise. And we refer if needed.  

We aren't afraid of going the extra mile. We've met clients at schools, at their homes, in parking lots, and at the gym. We've called a person daily if it seemed to be the right thing to do and brought them yoga pants to the hospital when they couldn't do it for themselves. We aspire to meet a higher level of ethical responsibility than any state board or professional organization. We know we have to sleep with ourselves at night.

We know we can't do it alone. 

While the majority of private practice therapists operate in a "group" of what are essentially independent, solo practitioners sharing space, PSYCHē therapists work together as a true team. We actually like each other! We talk outside of work, go on vacations together, and celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and new babies together. We help one another's patients when a therapist is sick or otherwise unavailable. We consult formally for 90 minutes on Mondays and informally any time we aren't in session. You know that if your therapist is out for any reason, there is another PSYCHe provider who is familiar with your situation and can step in to help. 

We also know that we need you. Many times we need family member involvement, and with kids and teens, it's almost impossible to see improvement without it! We enlist multiple providers to work with families so that everyone feels like their best interests are represented. 

We have an opinion..and you may not like it. 

PSYCHē's therapists are notorious for speaking their minds. Although our clinicians are diplomatic and highly skillful in their communication style, they won't let you leave wondering what they actually think. We believe you pay for a professional opinion and therefore, are entitled to get it--even if it means you fire us because you don't agree. 

A therapist should not leave you guessing about how to get better or what needs to change to make that happen. Too often, therapists talk about clients behind their backs in a way they would never speak to them in person. Or they say what a client wants to hear in order to keep them coming (and paying) weekly. No thanks. Not for us.

We are willing to lose you to help you.

If we can't make things better, we aren't afraid to let you go or pass on the chance at being your therapist. As much as we want to be of assistance, we know we can't help everyone. Sometimes we just aren't a good fit--we aren't everyone's cup of tea. Sometimes we disagree on how the therapy should be done--involving family can be difficult. And sometimes, we simply can't provide the level of services needed to keep someone safe, and residential or hospitalization may be the only option. But because we don't believe "some therapy is better than none," we refuse to compromise our recommendations just to get you in the door or to keep you from week to week. 

Our therapists thrive on getting people better. It's not just a job--we take it personally. So we are selective in our decisions to take on a new person or family. We require commitment because we are committed. We would rather not take someone at all than to see treatment fail them when they needed it most.