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Elise Oehring Therapy Nasville

Elise Therapy Nashville
There’s no such thing as a lost cause.
— Elise Oehring, Ph.D

Elise Oehring, PhD

Provisionally Licensed Psychologist

**Under the Supervision of Stephanie Vaughn, PsyD---Not Eligible for Insurance Reimbursement

Standard Individual Therapy $100 (45 minutes)

*DBT Packages (6 Months) Range from $6,000 - $18,500

Dr. Oehring is known for being a clinician who builds trust easily with clients. You will recognize her as being the same person inside and outside of the therapy room.  She is truly interested in client’s histories and personal stories—she feels privileged to be offered the opportunity to share in their struggles. Her work with veterans means she has experience in how a client’s world can seem to shrink after a traumatic experience, but she has never shied away from doing difficult work. She is passionate about helping survivors of all traumas walk through the fire of their memories. She has worked with both adolescents and adults and specializes in treating anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, addiction, and trauma. She also believes you don’t have to have a diagnosis to benefit from therapy and is happy to be a sounding board or just provide a unbiased opinion. 

Dr. Oehring completed her Doctorate in Counseling Psychology at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.  She served as a clinician at the Dwight D. Eisenhower VA Medical Center in Leavenworth, Kansas and joined PSYCHē in January 2018 as a Provisionally Licensed Psychologist working toward full licensure as a Clinical Psychologist-HSP.   

As for her personal life, Dr. Oehring owns an extensive vintage book collection, which she has recently forced herself to limit to only psychology books, classics, and Stephen King hardcovers.  She indulges in reality tv (maybe too much?), and fancies herself to be somewhat of a chef in the kitchen (schnitzel anyone?). She loves to spend time with her husband and family (truly!), enjoys being outside, and practices photography.