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#holdmeaccountable is a 28 day challenge. You choose the goal and Psychē helps you achieve it. Psychologists, counselors, and coaches assist with support and provide all the tools you need for success. Commit to meditation, yoga, eating healthy, drinking water, finishing a dissertation or book, and anything else you've been putting off. We are your accountability partners. 

a 28-Day Challenge to reach your goals

 "Show-up"* for yourself for 28 days and receive a FULL REFUND.
$100 Down- Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!

 PSYCHē challenges you to “Show-up” and take actions steps that lead to change.

*Commit to 28-days to pursue your neglected goals: 

We help hold you accountable. What’s your goal?
Recreational reading
Writing a neglected novel
Meal planning
Practicing a foreign language
Playing an instrument
Push-ups, pull-ups, etc.
and more!

How to get started:

1. Talk with a staff member and define your targeted behavior (i.e. "write 30 minutes a day on my dissertation")

2. Plan on how you'll demonstrate your progress (email a video of yourself typing?)

3. Reap the rewards! Congratulations! You accomplished your goal! 



Too much pressure?
Pay the full amount without daily check ins.

Commit to personal growth