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“Nonpareil (def): Having no match or equal; unrivaled”

A diamond in the rough is worth the effort for the sparkle in the end
— Sally Roesch, M.Ed

Sally Roesch, M.Ed., NCC

Sally first learned about PSYCHē while attending Vanderbilt University. Dr. Vaughn was a guest speaker for DBT and Sally learned how PSYCHē therapists refuse to "walk on eggshells" or treat clients like they are crazy, fragile, or that "something's wrong" with them. She immediately knew where she belonged. Her passionate stance of "keeping it real" combined with a calm and relaxed demeanor made her the perfect match for teens with behavioral problems or anyone with relationship distress, mood disorders, anxiety, or impulsive behavior.

She knows her DBT and has taught the skills to both teens and adults in group and individual. Sally has succeeded in helping clients where other therapists had failed and she is a frequent backup therapist-on-call for the toughest situations between office hours.  Learn More...

I’m interested in your story
— Catherine McKay, M.S.

Catherine Mckay, M.S.

Catherine brings a warm, energetic approach to therapy and her bright outlook on life is contagious to both clients and colleagues. She is a realist and keeps clients on their toes while making it a priority to be one of their biggest supporters. She believes that creating a soothing yet engaging environment in the room helps clients to open up. Her calm and graceful manner hide the fact that she is a powerhouse of productivity and perseverance. The saying around the office is, "If you want something done right--ask Catherine to do it." 

Catherine works with both adolescents and adults. She specializes in treating women with co-occurring disorders, body image issues, compulsive behaviors, depression, and anxiety. She counsels using a compassionate, warm, and customized approach for each client, but don't mistake her for being a pushover--she's a PSYCHē therapist, after all!  Catherine conducts individual therapy, parent coaching, and c0-leads Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) skills groupsLearn More...

There’s no such thing as a lost cause.
— Elise Oehring, Ph.D

Elise Oehring, Ph.D.

Provisionally Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Oehring is known for being a clinician who builds trust easily with clients. We knew she was a PSYCHē clinician when she asked to take on a case "because no one else will take them." She's got a heart for the difficult cases and seems to have a never ending supply of patience.  You will recognize her as being the same person inside and outside of the therapy room.  She is truly interested in client’s histories and personal stories and feels privileged to be offered the opportunity to share in their struggles.

Dr. Oehring's work with veterans means she has experience in hearing some of the most tragic and painful life  stories, yet she never shies away from walking through the darkest places with her clients. She is passionate about helping survivors of all traumas, having worked with both adolescents and adults and specializes in treating anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, addiction, and trauma. She also believes you don’t have to have a diagnosis to benefit from therapy and is happy to be a sounding board or just provide a unbiased opinion. Learn More...

No one is born with the full set of tools necessary to navigate through the difficulties of life.
— John Deaderick

John Deaderick, LMSW

John is a Licensed Master Social Worker who utilizes a person-centered, behavioral, and sometimes humorous approach to help clients solve their problems. John completed his undergraduate degree at Middle Tennessee State University and his graduate degree at the University of Tennessee College of Social Work in Nashville where his area of focus was on trauma-related issues in civilian and military populations.

Prior to becoming a therapist, John spent many years as a touring/recording musician and maintains insight into difficulties related to the music industry: divorce, interpersonal relationships, and self-identity. John also works as an outpatient therapist in community mental health treating mood disorders, anxiety, addiction, and trauma. He came to PSYCHē to co-lead DBT Skills Group with a fondness for Carl Rogers, and remains for his equal fondness of irreverence.  Read More...