Family Therapy

Because every family member is affected.

If it’s therapy between multiple family members that you need, we have therapists with experience.

Family therapy can be a great place to start or the perfect place to “end up.” When one member of the family is having issues, it affects EVERY member. How each person copes with problems is unique. If there is one thing a family therapist might share it would be this: When each person works to “own their part,” change is more likely to occur. Sometimes, it works best if individual therapy comes first—there may be a history of misunderstandings that need to be worked through before you all get together in the same room. Family therapy is even possible online. Each member can join from separate rooms, or they can sit together—just like in person. Learning the basics of healthy communication, identifying hidden resentments, and exploring unspoken family “rules” can be tough, but absolutely worth it. Let our therapists at Psyche help to bring your family closer.

Here’s how it works.



Our Therapy Services Specialists (TSS) know therapy and they know therapists. Tell them your issues, what you’re looking for, what you’re NOT looking for, and let them get to work.



After presenting your case to our in house experts, the TSS will meet with you a 2nd time to share recommendations, answer questions, and connect you with a clinician. We aren’t satisfied until you understand the WHY.


First Appointment

The next step is to start! You will be connected to your clinician and introduced to the Clinical Concierge who will serve as your guide and supporter throughout treatment. If it doesn’t work out, no problem. We’ll make it right.