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You shouldn't have to find your own therapist 

You're looking for help. But using your time and energy to try and locate a skilled therapist is a burden you don't need. Scouring therapist profiles not only takes time, but it requires knowledge of the field and a bit of educated skepticism. That's because, although therapists are supposed to stay within their "boundaries of competency," there is actually no oversight or formal restrictions on whether they do what they claim. In other words, just because they write a great bio doesn't mean they are necessarily a great therapist. So what are you supposed to do when you need a therapist but don't know how to find the best ones? 
At PSYCHē, we keep in mind the fact that unskilled and/or unethical therapists exist. We do the work of vetting therapists for you. The process involved in qualifying for our network far surpasses that of any online directory. We know the questions to ask and the steps to take to thoroughly assess mental health providers. How? Because we've operated in the field since 2008 and have learned by direct experience. 
Unlike directories, we interview candidates face-to-face. In addition to verifying their credentials and education, researching their reputation, and formally checking their background, each clinician must pass an oral exam and a therapy role-play. Most applicants do not make it to the final round. The therapists who qualify for our network are skilled, personable, and unfortunately, are rare. 
We don't provide an extensive lists of therapists for you to sort through because pairing you with a therapist is our job, not yours. 

We're NOT a Therapy Directory

Meet the Therapy Matchmakers 

Get paired WITH a therapist BY therapists who not only DO great therapy, they know what it takes to make a perfect therapeutic match. No more sifting through bios and photos. No more guessing what kind of therapy you need. Tell us what brings you in and we'll pair you with YOUR perfect therapist. If you'd like to work directly with them, click below. 

Stephanie Vaughn, Psy.D.

Owner & Founder
Licensed Clinical Psychologist-HSP

Licensed in PSYPACT® states & MA


Director of Clinician Management
Professional Counselor 

Licensed in TN, MA, NY, WA, FL

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