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Individual Therapy

We’ll find your perfect fit.

Your therapist

At PSYCHē, we have a network of therapists from multiple states to help our clients find the perfect therapist to meet their therapy requirements.

Your setting

Whether you want to talk to your therapist from the comfort of your place or wish to join a therapist for in-room sessions, we can arrange both virtual and in-person therapy sessions with a therapist who is perfect for you. 

Your time

After hearing your history, goals, and what you’re looking for (and NOT looking for!} we go to work getting you scheduled with someone who can help. Why wait? Leave the searching to us.

Here’s how it works.



Our Therapy Services Specialists (TSS) know therapy and they know therapists. Tell them your issues, what you’re looking for, what you’re NOT looking for, and let them get to work.



After presenting your case to our in house experts, the TSS will meet with you a 2nd time to share recommendations, answer questions, and connect you with a clinician. We aren’t satisfied until you understand the WHY.


First Appointment

The next step is to start! You will be connected to your clinician and introduced to the Clinical Concierge who will serve as your guide and supporter throughout treatment. If it doesn’t work out, no problem. We’ll make it right.

We know how frustrating it can be to tell your story again and again just to find the perfect therapist. Being experienced clinicians, we understand what our clients may look for in a therapist, so we work closely with each of our clients to help them find the right therapist.

No need to be on a therapist’s waiting list. Don’t settle for less than what you deserve! When you join hands with PSYCHē, all your needs around a therapist are taken care of! 

Finding the perfect therapist is challenging - we know that. Since 2009, we have been helping our clients find and hire therapists for their needs. We know that not all therapists are the best for everyone, so we curate ones for each client’s individual needs.

No online directory can make that promise.

A directory tells only part of the story. Just because your neighbor likes someone doesn’t mean they’re a fit for you. The fact is, finding the right therapist can be exhausting. That’s why we’ve done the work for you. Let us pair you with a great therapist. First, book a consultation with one of our in-house therapists who will ask the right questions to find out exactly what you’re looking for. Next, our team of expert clinicians will work their professional magic to pair you with YOUR perfect therapist. The only step left is meeting your therapist and…doing therapy!

You shouldn’t have to find your own therapist.

Sifting through hundreds of therapist profiles online is probably NOT how you want to be spending your time. Word-of-mouth is great, but it’s not always available… and you may not want to see the same therapist as your neighbor or co-worker. The bottom line is, it can be hard to get an idea of what someone is really like until you actually meet them. That takes work, time, and in the case of therapy, money. We’ve done the work for you so finding a therapist for yourself or a loved one doesn’t have to feel like your second job.

If we don’t have the right therapist, we’ll find the right therapist..

Our goal is to contract with good therapists in every state, each with expertise in specific areas. If there is a therapist you need but we don’t have, give us some time and we’ll locate one. Don’t like the therapist we matched you with? No problem, we’ll find another—and you won’t have to go through the annoyance and hassle of doing another information gathering session. Our job is to find you YOUR therapist so you can do your job and feel better fast.

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