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Sarah Nehdi, LMHC

Request an appointment

A 90-minute Intake appointment with Sarah Nehdi, LMHC is $350.

We’ll get back to you shortly! You can also email us at if you need further assistance.

We understand the frustration of repeating your story over and over, trying to find the right fit. No one has time for that. As experienced clinicians, we know the best of the best, so we personally curate each and every clinician in our nationwide, private network.

It’s time to stop sitting on waitlists and settling for less than what you deserve. When you are our client, you are taken care of. Period.

Virtual or Face-to-Face?

Virtual Sessions

See a therapist from the comfort of your own home, business, even from your car! Virtual therapy is the true “new normal” and we have therapists who embrace it for the long term. Whether you are concerned about minimizing the spread of COVID-19 or are just trying to make things more convenient, we’re here to help. You wouldn’t believe how realistic online sessions can be. Our therapists even have groups online. Secure, HIPAA compliant, and in the comfort of YOUR space.

In-Person Sessions

Sometimes, meeting in person is just a priority. If you are searching for a therapist in your area who will sit in the room with you, we can help. We contract with therapists who agree that in-person therapy is essential and they’re willing to take calculated risks to prioritize YOUR mental health. Want a therapists who’s flexible? We’ve got that too. Let us help you connect you with someone who gets you.

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