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Couple’s Therapy: Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Relationship

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Considering couple's therapy? Find the best fit—for both of you.

Navigating the ups and downs of a relationship can be challenging, and sometimes, seeking external help is the best course of action. Couples therapy offers an opportunity for partners to understand and resolve conflicts in a supportive environment, which can help strengthen their relationship overall. In this overview, we’ll explore some common types of couples therapy for those considering which one may be the best fit for their unique relationship.

Traditional Couples Therapy

Traditional couples therapy, often known as marriage counseling, is a classic approach focused on improving communication skills. It's about learning to listen actively, express needs clearly, and understand each other's perspectives. Therapists help couples identify and articulate their needs, fostering a deeper understanding between partners.

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

EFT is a structured approach that helps couples understand and reorganize their emotional responses. It aims to create a secure emotional bond and increase intimacy by focusing on patterns that cause distress and helping partners respond more positively to each other.

The Gottman Method

Developed by Drs. John and Julie Gottman, this method is renowned for its evidence-based approach. The Gottman Method concentrates on nine components of healthy relationships, known as the Sound Relationship House Theory. It emphasizes managing conflict, fostering admiration, and creating shared meaning.

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)

SFBT focuses on solutions rather than dissecting problems. It's about identifying what's working well in a relationship and how to build on these successes. This method has been shown to be particularly effective for couples looking for short-term, goal-oriented therapy.

Narrative Therapy

Narrative therapy allows couples to detach from their problems by seeing them as separate entities. By rewriting their relationship narratives, partners can identify their strengths and rewrite their stories to reflect a more positive and empowering relationship dynamic.


Understanding these common couples therapy methods can be the first step towards determining how to navigate through challenges and facilitate growth in your relationship. Whether it's through improving communication, deepening emotional bonds, or focusing on solutions, there are various types of therapy styles available that may resonate with your unique relationship needs.

Interested in exploring couples therapy? Contact PSYCHē for more information, learn more about our expert therapists, or schedule a consultation online to pursue a healthier, happier relationship.

We also offer multiple DBT Skills Groups as well as an RO-DBT Skills Group. Groups are like a class, not therapy. Click the link to enroll in a group today.


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